DeltaHacks Institute is made up of a group of hackathon veterans who have abundant experience with creating winning projects. We create structured curriculum to meet the demands of hackathon attendees. We teach a variety of topics that help our workshop attendees succeed at hackathons, including:

  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Web development
  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Coming up with a winning project idea
  • Creating a successful project pitch
  • Github usage
  • APIs


One of the main philosophies of DeltaHacks Institute is to educate students with the tools they need in the shortest amount of time necessary. The best way to do this is through hackathon workshops, which we invite students interested in exploring computer science to attend. Our mission is to teach aspiring coders computer science skills that will help them win hackathons and become successful software developers.


DeltaHacks was founded by Tom Zhang and Gautham Raghupathi, who both have won many hackathons and have extensive coding experience. They saw people who were struggling at hackathons and didn't know how to turn their ideas into reality. After being approached by several students and parents, DeltaHacks Institute was founded in March 2018. They are joined by a group of hackers, teachers, designers, and leaders who help other students succeed at hackathons and beyond.

Tom Zhang

  • Machine Learning Research Intern, UC Berkeley EECS
  • Public Forum Captain, Monta Vista Speech and Debate
  • Director of Technologies/Captain of Android Development, Monta Vista App & Web Programming

Gautham Raghupathi

  • Deep Learning Research Intern, UC Berkeley MCB
  • Driver, Valkyrie Robotics
  • Officer, Monta Vista Physics & Engineering
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